Tips for Taking Care of your Singing Voice

26th March 2016

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Most of us do not really observe any measures of taking care of one’s singing voice. Some would not give a second thought of eating certain foods, drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks just before singing.

In fact, there are some important voice care tips that we can use to maintain a healthy and strong singing voice, as well as preventing damage to our vocals. Below you will find these tips outlined.

Maintain proper posture and breathing while singing

Always make sure to maintain an upright and neutral posture and practise proper breath support while singing. Proper posture and alignment helps reduce the tension on our bodies and can improve breathe capacity.

Perform vocal warm-ups before singing

Singers should always warm up our voices before singing, so that the diaphragm and vocal cords are ready to support and produce the sound that is required during singing. Breathing deep during warm-ups and releasing tension in your jaw are good starting points for warming up prior to singing.

Regular exercise and a good diet

Regular Exercise and a good diet applies to voice care and also to our bodies in general. Maintaining good health is certainly beneficial to maintaining a great singing voice. When we get sick, we may feel fatigue, experience blocked noses, sore throats or may not practise proper vocal technique while singing.

Refrain from talking in loud places

When we are in loud places such as, a busy construction site or a crowded night club, we find that it is much louder than some places we usually encounter in our daily lives. When we try to talk in these noisy places, we cause a lot of strain on our voices which may hurt our vocal cords. Limiting talking in these places will help to prevent unnecessary damage and assist in protecting our singing voice.

Avoid some common medication

Anti-histamines, decongestants and anti-depressants tend to dry our voice and make it difficult for us to sing properly. Our vocal cords need to be hydrated and moist in order to function correctly. Over-the-counter local anesthetic medication for the throat causes reduced nerve sensitivity and numbness, making our voice more susceptible to damage. Antacids cause acidic fluids to flow back up towards the throat and can hurt tissue in this area.

These were just a few tips on proper voice care that can be followed in order to maintain a strong and healthy singing voice. For us to sing better maintaining proper health is important, but that’s not all. Consult your teacher for more tips on maintaining your voice.


Georgia Kamolins (Jorja) a14 Year old student at AML Golden Voice recently returned from the World Championship of Performing Arts competition held in L.A (USA).

Georgia was selected along with 41 other Australians from across the country to represent Australia to compete against 42 other countries in the United States.

Georgia performed 5 songs in the following categories Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Open, Varity, 2 Acting pieces & participated in the group performance.

Georgia came home with 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze & 2 x acting Scholarships for New York.

Big thanks to Jasmina & Antonio for their ongoing support and training over the past couple of years. Antonio’s training has really taken Georgia’s vocal ability to a higher level; we can’t wait to see what her voice sounds like in the coming years after she has completed her training.