Tips for Learning to Sing

26th March 2016

Aretha Franklin 8

There are a variety of aspects that an aspiring singers needs to familiarize themselves with when learning how to sing. These aspects include familiarization with various types of vocal range, correct singing posture and proper breathing techniques, which are very important.

A person who is just starting their passion for singing will also have to learn how to use his or her diaphragm during vocalizing. For some it is better to have a personal vocal coach to maximize their singing potential skills.

First and foremost, a singer will have to determine his or her singing voice and range. Afterwards, the singer can vastly improve their singing but honing their signing voice and developing their singing style by constant vocalization and practice. It is only through continuous singing that singers can increase their vocal range and develop more their vocal chords.

Secondly, correct posture is also important. Singers should keep in mind that when singing, they should be erect and tall, so to allow the lungs to be filled completely with air and to fully revitalize the body. Correct posture is standing erect, with his or her shoulders aligned with the feet and the head parallel to the ground. Correct posture can lead to a rich tone, compared to one that sounds exasperated or seemingly gasping for air in the middle of the song.

Thirdly, every singer should be able to breathe and sing from the diaphragm. This can be accomplished by using deep breathing exercises as a means to warm up the voice. Singers who use her or her diaphragm when singing will appear to have his or her belly move in when the singer exhales or sings and move out while inhaling.

It is also equally important for singers to incorporate various ways of warming up exercises to increase their vocal range. These warm-up exercises help the singer practice both breathing techniques and vocal modulation.

Another sure way in learning how to sing is to enroll in a singing school. Taking vocal lessons under the guidance of a vocal coach is a great way to learn how to sing. A vocal coach can give educated feedbacks as to the strengths and weaknesses of the singer as well as teach the aspiring singer various singing techniques.

If you want quality singing lessons, the Golden Voice Studio in Melbourne is the perfect studio for you.


Georgia Kamolins (Jorja) a14 Year old student at AML Golden Voice recently returned from the World Championship of Performing Arts competition held in L.A (USA).

Georgia was selected along with 41 other Australians from across the country to represent Australia to compete against 42 other countries in the United States.

Georgia performed 5 songs in the following categories Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Open, Varity, 2 Acting pieces & participated in the group performance.

Georgia came home with 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze & 2 x acting Scholarships for New York.

Big thanks to Jasmina & Antonio for their ongoing support and training over the past couple of years. Antonio’s training has really taken Georgia’s vocal ability to a higher level; we can’t wait to see what her voice sounds like in the coming years after she has completed her training.