Singing Lessons

26th March 2016


Song is considered by many to be the purest expression of human art. Like many pursuits, though, only a very talented few are able to effortlessly express themselves musically without training. The solution for those who want to develop this ability is singing lessons. Below, we will look at the benefits and sacrifices required for the lessons.

Many who get into singing lessons quickly find themselves frustrated. They show up expecting to immediately learn songs only to discover that the instructor plans to teach them to sing. This is much like someone showing up for golf lessons and angrily saying, “I don’t care how you hold a club. Teach me to win!”

The simple truth is that a voice is a musical instrument. While most of us have regularly made sounds with this instrument since we were very young, there is a difference between being able to make sounds and being able to make the proper sounds to sing. For beginning singing students, patience is an absolute must because much of the early study and drill will center around being able to make certain sounds deliberately and consistently. Without this, trying to sing is much like trying to play a Sonata on the piano by banging randomly at the keys.

In addition to patience, most students will require a great deal of work to sing well. This work can be frustrating because most untrained people sound pretty bad when trying to sing pure notes. The effort, time and frustration are the sacrifices one must be willing to offer in order to reach the pinnacle of a good singing voice.

There are benefits one gains from singing lessons, some expected and some surprising.

The most obvious benefit, and the one that prompted the lessons, is learning to carry a tune. For anyone who wants to publicly sing in a more demanding venue than Friday night karaoke, this is crucial.

Singing lessons can also improve a person’s vocal projection. Shy, retiring people who have trouble speaking up can benefit greatly from the practice of deliberately projecting their voices. For people who are exceptionally introverted, there are few activities that can help cure this more readily than learning to perform in front of an audience.

The lessons can also improve diction, making them an ideal therapy for those with speech impediments. While we go through most of our lives using our instrument imperfectly because the only goal is to be understood, the emphasis singing lessons place on making the exact sounds intended can dramatically reduce slurred speech.


Georgia Kamolins (Jorja) a14 Year old student at AML Golden Voice recently returned from the World Championship of Performing Arts competition held in L.A (USA).

Georgia was selected along with 41 other Australians from across the country to represent Australia to compete against 42 other countries in the United States.

Georgia performed 5 songs in the following categories Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Open, Varity, 2 Acting pieces & participated in the group performance.

Georgia came home with 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze & 2 x acting Scholarships for New York.

Big thanks to Jasmina & Antonio for their ongoing support and training over the past couple of years. Antonio’s training has really taken Georgia’s vocal ability to a higher level; we can’t wait to see what her voice sounds like in the coming years after she has completed her training.