How to prepare for Vocal Competitions?

26th March 2016

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There are lots of singing competitions now-a-days, both nationally and locally, if you want to have any chance of winning one of these, then you need to know how to prepare for vocal competitions that are coming to your area. With ground breaking shows like American Idol, people all over the world have become interested in singing and developing their vocal prowess. Now there are shows like The X Factor, America’s got talent and others in development. There is no better time than now to develop your vocal skills, especially, if you plan to win a place on a national TV show, like those mentioned above.

How to Prepare for Vocal Competitions

Know your vocal range – Choosing to practice songs that are in your vocal range is more important than choosing the songs you like but are having difficulty in singing. It is best to be comfortable with your song choices and to perform exceptionally, rather than struggling with songs you want to sing, which are not in your ideal vocal range. Why, because all vocal competitions will judge you on confidence and the quality of your voice.

Professional Singing Lessons – Taking professional singing lessons will help you in many ways. Singing lessons will help you to improve your singing voice, timing and tempo, builds up your self-esteem and will help you stay focused while singing. Distractions have cost many hopeful singing contestants dearly. If you want any chance of getting on a national TV show, then you will need to learn how to deal with distractions.

Know Your Audience – If you are participating in a local singing contest, then you should do your homework, find out what kind of people will be there. And then, choose to sing songs that appeal to that kind of audience. If you happen to audition for a major TV show, like The X Factor, then the judges are your audience. Knowing the kind of music the judges prefer could help you considerably.

Be Yourself and Have Fun – No doubt, you will be a bit nervous like most people before you take the stage. To help you relax, you should try and warm up at least 30 minutes before you get called up on stage. Don’t try to be anything else but yourself, otherwise, you may appear doubtful and fake. Judges gravitate to original people, which are those who can be themselves. Of all the ways on how to prepare for vocal competitions, the best tip is to be yourself.


Georgia Kamolins (Jorja) a14 Year old student at AML Golden Voice recently returned from the World Championship of Performing Arts competition held in L.A (USA).

Georgia was selected along with 41 other Australians from across the country to represent Australia to compete against 42 other countries in the United States.

Georgia performed 5 songs in the following categories Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Open, Varity, 2 Acting pieces & participated in the group performance.

Georgia came home with 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze & 2 x acting Scholarships for New York.

Big thanks to Jasmina & Antonio for their ongoing support and training over the past couple of years. Antonio’s training has really taken Georgia’s vocal ability to a higher level; we can’t wait to see what her voice sounds like in the coming years after she has completed her training.