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What are the popular music genre?

25th March 2016

Do you love music? Maybe you love it so much that you have your own band in a popular genre. If that is the case then why not consider enrolling in a music school or utilizing a vocal studio? No one ever got famous doing nothing, and only a handful made it with their own raw talent showcased on YouTube.

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How to prepare for Vocal Competitions?

26th March 2016

There are lots of singing competitions now-a-days, both nationally and locally, if you want to have any chance of winning one of these, then you need to know how to prepare for vocal competitions that are coming to your area. With ground breaking shows like American Idol, people all over the world have bec...

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What does It Mean to Have Perfect Pitch?

26th March 2016

Some people think that they have the perfect pitch or are trying to achieve it, but they do not truly know what the perfect pitch is. How can you truly attain anything that you are uncertain of? Even experts cannot seem to agree on what it actually is, and even fewer agree on its origin.

Most can ...

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What are the Main Voice Types in Singing?

26th March 2016

Over the years, music has evolved into becoming a universal language. We always incorporate music in everything that we do. It has also become one of the best avenues to communicate our thoughts and emotions to the external world. Some uses this is a tool to express gratitude, anger, disagreement, and othe...

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Tips for keeping your singing voice strong and healthy

26th March 2016

The surest way to improve your singing voice is to take face-to-face lessons with a fully trained and highly qualified vocal coach.

While some may seem to rely on web tutorials, nothing beats the actual guidance of a vocal coach who can give you feedbacks right away on how to improve your singing ...

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Tips for Learning to Sing

26th March 2016

There are a variety of aspects that an aspiring singers needs to familiarize themselves with when learning how to sing. These aspects include familiarization with various types of vocal range, correct singing posture and proper breathing techniques, which are very important.

A person who is just st...

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SINGING LESSONS: Different Types of Vocal Range

26th March 2016

Vocal range is the measure of the breadth of pitches that a person’s voice can produce, although the study of vocal range has little practical application in terms of speech, it is a topic of study within linguistics, phonetics, and speech and language pathology, particularly in relation to the study of ...

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Tips for Taking Care of your Singing Voice

26th March 2016

Most of us do not really observe any measures of taking care of one's singing voice. Some would not give a second thought of eating certain foods, drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks just before singing.

In fact, there are some important voice care tips that we can use to maintain a healthy and...

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Open-throated, Natural Singing

26th March 2016

The term open-throated, natural singing isn’t an implication that a singer can literally open and close her entire throat at will during a performance. The phrase ‘open throat’ is a misnomer. But for lack of a better way of referring to the technique for singing, the phrase shall be used here.



Singing Lessons

26th March 2016

Song is considered by many to be the purest expression of human art. Like many pursuits, though, only a very talented few are able to effortlessly express themselves musically without training. The solution for those who want to develop this ability is singing lessons. Below, we will look at the benefits a...


Georgia Kamolins (Jorja) a14 Year old student at AML Golden Voice recently returned from the World Championship of Performing Arts competition held in L.A (USA).

Georgia was selected along with 41 other Australians from across the country to represent Australia to compete against 42 other countries in the United States.

Georgia performed 5 songs in the following categories Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Open, Varity, 2 Acting pieces & participated in the group performance.

Georgia came home with 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze & 2 x acting Scholarships for New York.

Big thanks to Jasmina & Antonio for their ongoing support and training over the past couple of years. Antonio’s training has really taken Georgia’s vocal ability to a higher level; we can’t wait to see what her voice sounds like in the coming years after she has completed her training.