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AML Golden Voice Studios is a renowned school offering open natural singing lessons in Melbourne. You will learn from our talented singing teachers, each with many years’ worth of experience in helping others get the most out of their voice. Whether you’re looking for private vocal lessons, or want to learn more about music theory, learn to sing at our Melbourne voice lessons studio.

Vocal Coaching Melbourne


When you enrol in our specialised voice lessons, you will learn the techniques used by the great singers like Enrico Caruso, Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson and more. Sing effortlessly without strain and attain perfect pitch using the “Natural Voice Production” method – a technique useable in classical and modern styles.

Golden Voice Studios is committed to delivering expert tuition in the art of natural acoustic singing. The studio’s founder and head singing teacher, Antonio Maria Lancuba has dedicated his life to this vocal movement; his aim as a vocal coach is to pass this technique on to budding stars who wish to improve their voice and discover their true passion for music.

Antonio is a Vocal Master of Open Natural Singing and Vocal Production and is highly qualified expert in a full suite of techniques, providing support for a range of professionals. His skill set includes:

  • vocal healing
  • vocal rehabilitation
  • vocal therapy
  • speech therapy

Antonio has worked with singers, actors, orators and lecturers. His lessons are invaluable to any artist or vocal professional suffering from a range of complaints including:

  • vocal fatigue
  • damage including nodules or inflammation
  • dysphonia
  • changes brought on by age

Initially, vocal lessons are aimed at healing, re-building and rehabilitating sessions with Antonio is a vocal trainer in Stage 1.

In Stage 2, Antonio resumes the singing teacher role once the vocal GRAND PIANO is built. Here the songs come out and the focus is on learning styles, expression, and interpretation.

Based on concrete ideas surrounding natural breathing physiology and vocal mechanics, this method is essentially a journey of discovery that results in the realisation of a correct, natural singing mechanism. Suited to all musical styles, our voice lessons are favoured by singers who span a wide range of genres.

Singing Lessons

Personal Vocal Coach


Our teachers have private vocal lessons, private group singing lessons, corporate vocal lessons, music theory and more. Basics start with breath management, vocal placement, tonal projection, osseous resonance and this is just the basics. We offer classes to adults and children alike; with our experienced teachers, there are no limits.

In addition, we also offer tuition for a wide range of instruments – including guitar lessons, piano lessons and more.

If you have been searching for a reputable school that offers singing classes in Melbourne conducted by skilled singing teachers, look no further than our specialised studio. For more information or to book a class with on one of our singing teachers, get in touch today on 0402 433 435 or (03) 9041 5191.

Singing Tuition

Child prodigy Antonio Maria Lancuba, Master of Open Throated Natural Singing at AML Golden Voice Studio, Melbourne, Australia – “Search For A Star” at 12 years of age singing the celebrated classical Neapolitan song “Dicitencello Vuie”

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